Thursday, November 15, 2018


Before we get married I was visiting him in United Kingdom, he was working there that time. He's not from UK he's from USA. I visited him twice.

To make the story short, my first application was denied. Well I applied for a Marriage Visitor Visa because we want to get married in there and since he is not from UK we thought that its the best for us to applied that kind of visa. We were wrong, the requirement was I need to go back to the Philippines after we get married. Yup i stated in my application that i have work in the Philippines and I have a leave form as well, I have a letter signed by my boss but still they're not convinced that I will go back to the Philippines,  I was denied for that visa. 

Then the next attempt was Tourist Visa. I gather all the requirements needed from me and from my fiancee. He's sponsoring me for that travel. I had work that time, a little savings but just to make sure he wants to sponsor me and yup my visa was approved. I have a separate post in HERE about the requirements we submit on my first UK Tourist Visa with sponsor!

We get married in Philippines and my husband had four months left to stay in the UK and he wants me to be with him during that months so I applied another Tourist Visa, I was afraid that i will get denied even though I was approved for my first one because during that time, I dont have work anymore, and yeah its a full sponsor by my husband. We made sure that we are leaving UK after  four months. We submit the same requirements and another letter stating that he only have four months left in the UK thats why I applied for tourist visa  luckily i was approved for the second time :)

Anyways United Kingdom doesnt have interviews, thats why you need to make sure you submit all the right requirements needed. You can see it in their website.

First UK Tourist Visa

Second UK Tourist Visa

If you have some questions, you can leave comment below and I will answer it based on my experience. :)

Friday, November 9, 2018


This was part of our Anniversary Celebration. We went dinner at Hells Kitchen. Then after dinner, we went into a Helicopter ride around las vegas strip. We were picked up at our Hotel by a Limousine. This was all our first time so this was a trip to remember ":) :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Monday, October 8, 2018

Wedding Anniversary

Helicopter Ride around Las Vegas on our Anniversary!
My Love, 

I cant believe it, time flies so fast. I still remember the day we get married, it seems like yesterday. Now we are celebrating our one year as married couple. I just want to let you know how lucky i am to have a husband like you. I am so thankful to our dear God for giving me a man like you. You are the best, i couldn't as for more. Thank you for everything my love. I love you so much! HAPPY FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO US!