Monday, June 18, 2018

Hubby teaching me how to shoot a gun (Filipina-American Couple)

My very first time to hold a real gun. OMG I was very scared to touch it, it took minutes and minutes of convincing. I finally did and another thing is I can't pull the trigger, I just can't but later on yeah I did it yessss yayyy hahaha. It was pretty scary but later on I enjoyed it. Its exciting. Ohh well shotgun I only did once, I can't do more maybe some day hahaha

Monday, June 11, 2018

Closing the Long Distance Relationship (LDR) (Filipina-American Couple)

Ahhhh its been a long time since my last update here. I was busy doing all the paper works for processing to close the LDR set up hahaha. It was such an exhausting and frustrating process but believe me its all worth it. Im here with him now. Finally LDR is over :) :) 

This is just a quick update. I will write more about the process soon :)