Saturday, June 4, 2016

Our First Trip Together - His first time in the Philippines (Filipina-American Couple)

Yeah that's right. Our first trip together was El Nido Palawan. We stayed at Cadlao Resort, we only had three days two nights because, well hahaha he thought that if ever relationship wont work we can go back to Manila right away hahaha i only knew this reason like many months later. Well relationship goes well we just clicked, so he feel bad for not having a week of stay in a Paradise like El Nido. We had a lot of fun and do Island hopping, too bad we are not prepared for an underwater camera, but over all we had a blast and had a lot of photos still.

The start of our forever, after his vacation to Philippines, he went back to his place. Everything goes well, no more issues, no day will passed without messaging each other, even how busy we were from our work we still had time to message, we made time for our daily conversation and just message any free time. Every weekends were our video call date. I am so lucky to have had finally find a guy who's dedicated to me. We were both lucky. Respect and Communication is the KEY!