Monday, October 9, 2017

Long Distance Relationship Success Story (Filipina-American Couple)

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Hello everyone i decided to make this blog to document our LDR Success Story.
It was all started in an online dating site Christian Filipina.

Yeah we only met online, it was funny that i been in that dating site for a long time. Talk a lot of guys and nothings happen.Then had a more than a year of  LDR to a guy from out of the country, thought he is the one, first we were happy and in love, but many months passed and still we did not see each other personally, I get cold towards him. Felt like relationship goes to nowhere. I decided to end our relationship. Told to myself whoever man will go and see me personally will be the man that God given to me. I ask and prayed from above, ask for a sign.

When i am about to give up like I'm not opening my account anymore, i only open when i received a notification that someone messaged me. One day got a notification saying someone is messaging so i open and replied. The next day i got a reply and the conversation continue. Days passed by we decided to have a video call to see each other on cam. It was Saturday as i don't have work on Saturday and so him. It took us an hour to make move about the video call until he bravely called. It was okay we awkwardly talk haha.

Honestly he was not the typical white guy i am dreaming of, we have same height, has a brown eyes, while i am dreaming of a tall blue eyes white guy. Days and weeks passed by our communication keep on going. No day will passed without messaging each other, until one day he asked me to become his girlfriend. I am hesitant as it seems like too fast, but then i just go with the flow i said yes. It's LDR and who knows if he's serious or just playing. I told him that if you are really serious and interested with me you should go to the Philippines and see me personally. 

A week later he said he is going to the Philippines to see me personally. I just said okay, in my mind i dont believe it, I will just believe when i see a plane ticket. After a month of talking he send me the plane ticket itinerary and i was OMG this is it, he is really going to see me.

The day came on his arrival, i was on Terminal 2 waiting for him. I can't understand what i feel. I dont know, nervous, afraid hahaha. Then the moment of truth, saw a bald man walking out in the arrival area and its him. Hahahaha it was awkward at first but we just clicked. It seems like we know each other from a long time "hahaha yeah for a month of chatting" but there is that connection that you dont understand.

We went to Palawan for a holiday, yeah i went with him. I feel at ease on his side. He is so kind and he respect me a lot, very gentleman. This was all happened last year from March 2016 to May 2016.

Thats it to make the story short after the first met, he went  back again to see me, met my whole family, asking their permission to asked my hand from them lol. Went to boracay where he proposed. I was lucky that my Visa to UK was approved and stay with him for four months. After 4 mos i go back to the Philippines to prepare our wedding. We just got married last month September 30, 2017, and as of now i am here in UK again as a tourist Visa.