Monday, February 26, 2018

Filipino - American Couple (Long Distance Relationship)

It's been a month since we became in LDR again after marriage. It's sad but its okay, we are looking forward to see each other again. We been LDR for more than a year before we get married, but still its so sad to said goodbye specially now that we are husband and wife.

After our wedding, I go with him to United Kingdom as a tourist visa, we live together as a husband and wife (yay). After four months he needs to go back to the United States of America so i had to go back to Philippines as i dont have a US Visa. It was a sweet sad goodbye. We leave UK together same date but different time, flight and terminal. He's in terminal 4 and i am terminal 2. His destination was for America and mine was for Philippines. His departure was 10am and mine was 12pm. Ahhh the struggle is real. Saying goodbye is hard. I dont look at him when i get off the car, i just hugged him so tight and then walk to the entrance. I am glad that the service dropped me off first, or else i will cry out loud to see him leave.

I am sad but glad that we are not in the same terminal, for sure we are going to cry seeing each other leave huhu. 

Everyday we do video call, everytime he wakes up and before he goes to bed. His good morning is my good night. Time zones.