Saturday, October 22, 2016

Our Second Trip Together - His second time in the Philippines (Filipina-American Couple)

After four months from his first visit, he went back to the Philippines. This time he has a plan on proposing to me. His vacation leave was two weeks, before we went to Boracay he met my parents and my siblings first. He asked permission from my parents about the proposal. Lucky him my parents said yes hahaha lol. We went to Boracay and as soon as we arrived to our hotel (Hey Jude), he talked to the receptionist about his plan (I know nothing about his plan that time). He arranged a nice dinner in front of the beach, he was worried because that time it was raining but good thing the rain stop during dinner time. We had a very nice dinner when he suddenly grab my hand and say something blah blah and then i knew what he's gonna do. He was about to kneel but i told him not to do so. I know the hotel's worker was waiting for that thing to happen because they keep on looking on us, but I dont allow him to kneel i just told him to give me the ring hahaha. I told him to only kneel to God. 

I was really happy that time,it feels like heaven. OMG i cant believe it, we had a really good time in Boracay. The next day after our Island Hopping, i was again surprised when i enter the room, with flowers and balloons all over. I feel like a kid again. He never run out of surprises.

Yes we were engaged yay. After his vacation he went back to the UK and ohh well our communication was getting stronger, and we planned that i will visit him to the UK to see how are we living together in the same roof.

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